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Technical and commercial consultancy, marketing strategies, and branding services: solutions for olive oil producers and companies that produce machinery and equipment for the olive oil and shell fruit industry.

We will assist you in every phase of your business’s launch and consolidation and offer you customized advice on how to face new international challenges. Together, we define the best settlement strategies in the reference markets and support you in choosing the right direction.

Claudio Vignoli

Thanks to a rigorous and tested method, Claudio Vignoli Group creates contacts and opportunities to increase your business. We put your ideas into practice and gradually guide you towards conquering international markets.

We rely on our experience, consolidate your commercial network, help you orient yourself through the complex dynamics of international markets, and provide you with a team of multilingual commercial experts who travel for you, allowing you to minimize investments and maximize earnings.

A long love story…


In 1996, the young Claudio Vignoli came into contact with the world of olive oil for the first time, becoming the Export Manager for a world leader in the design and construction of olive oil mills.
In just over a decade, he managed to forge working and collaborative relationships with the main producers and olive growers on the international market. As a result, he was able to further expand his expertise in every area of the olive oil industry: from the knowledge of the distinctive characteristics of each producer to the ability to recognize and appreciate the various culinary excellences.

From 1996 to 2007 he familiarized himself with the industry and acquired an in-depth knowledge of the various production companies and the complex dynamics that drive such a fascinating world.


In 2007, his entrepreneurial adventure began. Claudio Vignoli founded his own company. His dream was to act as a bond between producers and the final consumer, convey the culture of quality extra virgin olive oil, and share the secrets of the trade he learned through many years of experience in the field to other entrepreneurs.

The company immediately began operating worldwide, focusing in particular on the markets of North and South America, Australia, North Africa and the Middle East. The business has taken part in the context of the sale of equipment for the harvesting, processing, quality control and bottling of olive oil and shell fruit and the distribution of olive oil.


In 2015, Claudio Vignoli founded “Miami Olive Oil & Beyond LLC”, which is based in Florida. The company imports olive oils, the balsamic vinegars of Modena and other Italian gourmet products, then packs them up directly in its Miami factory and markets them in the USA, the Caribbean, and Central America.


In 2021, the Vignoli – Italian food anthology brand will begin selling an exclusive line of extra virgin olive oil, the balsamic vinegars of Modena, high quality gourmet products, and other Made in Italy specialty foods.


The future is all about consolidating our commitment to commercial and technical consultancy and opening up to the B2C market. CV Group aims to help entrepreneurial companies that intend to expand their business, improve their brand identity, make marketing strategies more effective, and expand their sales network on the main international markets.

Our values

To start, grow, and consolidate your business, it is necessary to know in depth about the dynamics of the market and know how to move through the numerous and intricate steps that must be taken before your product reaches the final consumer or client. On your way, there will be obstacles to overcome, mistakes to avoid, problems to circumvent, unexpected events to consider, and (boring) bureaucratic issues to solve.

Are you sure you want to do it all on your own? What if we told you instead that you can have a market expert at your side? CV Group firmly believes in the values of sharing! That is why we provide you with our know-how, decades of experience in the industry, and a customer portfolio that will allow you to make your way into the main international markets by halving time and costs.

We know olives and olive oil like the back of our hands

We met them over 25 years ago and have never left each other since! We have grasped the deep essence of this wonderful fruit, and we have discovered its various facets and gathered the most hidden secrets.

The best consulting

We are able to advise you on the best tools, the most innovative techniques, and the most effective contacts to promote and expand your business in the olive oil industry. Thanks to our technical and commercial consulting services, since 2007, we have contributed to the growth of the turnover of various European companies.

Great ideas at your service

Our innovative working method allows us to identify the potential of the industry and promptly reach the most profitable markets, seizing the best opportunities for your business development.

Let’s get your business off the ground

We at CV Group have traveled and continue to travel around the world to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of the main international markets. Now it’s your turn! Ready to take off?

Our mission

CV Group’s mission is to help you achieve your goals with minimum investment and maximum return.
To do this, we use our experience, passion, and a rigorous and customized method that is based on listening to your needs, studying your business, and enhancing your potential. We think big, and we look to the future, but, at the same time, we hold your hand along the entire path and promote a conscious and gradual business growth.

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