Commercial consultancy for machinery and equipment manufacturers for the olive oil and shell fruit industry

Reaching distant markets requires specific human resources and substantial investments.  Selling requires an international commercial network (agents, importers, after-sales service), but above all, it means creating or having a customer portfolio. With CV Group, you can have all this at a very low cost.

The level of technological innovation of the equipment and machinery you propose is important but not sufficient to ensure success in sales and commercial expansion. The products only represent the starting point of a long, tortuous, and costly journey in terms of energy and economic investment.

To enter a highly competitive market such as machinery and processing plants for the production of olive oil and shell fruit, the best solution is to rely on those who know the market because they have been a part of it for over 25 years. This is where Claudio Vignoli Group comes into play, with its experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry and the main international markets.


What can CV Group do for your company?

By relying on Claudio Vignoli Group, you will have a consultant and a team of experts at your side who will be able to help you direct economic efforts and increase earnings correctly.

Customer portfolio increase

We provide you with a dense and consolidated customer portfolio to start the expansion process towards the most advantageous and profitable markets for your specific business.

Business management in international markets

CV Group, as an export department, helps you orient yourself among the complex variables that govern international markets (quality standards, certifications, and distribution channels of each country), organizes the commercial, technical, and logistical aspects of the international activity, and follows you on a growth path that will help you learn about the distribution network, your potential customers, and your competitors.

After-sales service

We can guarantee a network of specialized technicians for a prompt after-sales service in all of our locations throughout the world.

The CV Group Method

How do we work?

Our sales staff constantly travels worldwide. We visit the olive groves and the olive oil producers and offer them what they need: state-of-the-art machinery, specific equipment, and, in many cases, we buy their finished products (olive oil, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, etc.). Furthermore, CV Group offers you a commercial network of agents, importers, after-sales service, and spare parts on-site to allow you to operate efficiently and professionally in all of the countries we operate in. At the starting point of our method is the idea, as simple as it is innovative, of bringing together several European companies in the industry under a single Economic Interest Group (EIG). Companies are not in direct competition with others: machinery, equipment, and systems complement each company. This allows the Group to act synergically and avoid conflict.

The method is streamlined, saves time and money, simplifies bureaucratic aspects, facilitates negotiations, and optimizes strategic objectives. Potential customers  communicate with a single interlocutor regarding every technical and commercial requirement. The interlocutor is CV Group, which acts in the name and on behalf of each company in the Group, effectively becoming their sales department. Moreover, for example, there are occasions when CV Group proposes the equipment and machinery of a company that belongs to the EIG to a potential client, who chooses that machinery because CV Group can also purchase its finished products (olive oil, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, etc.). Basically, the same customer who bought the equipment and machinery from one of the GIE companies can then sell their olive oil to CV Group. As a result, a virtuous circle is created that facilitates business. This is precisely what makes the difference in our working method: by selling both machinery and olive oil and shell fruit, CV Group can count on a (double) strength that others do not have. As a result, CV Group has a sort of preferential path that allows it to conclude convenient agreements for all parties involved in the negotiation.

Our method is based on 4 simple steps:


Preliminary assessments

We first evaluate if your products are complementary or in competition with those already part of our EIG. Subsequently, we carry out a careful assessment of your commercial organization and the human resources dedicated to it.


Starting the collaboration

If your products meet the requirements, you can apply to join the Group. From the moment our collaboration starts, CV Group becomes your sales department: we, as an Export Partner, will take care of all commercial activities on your behalf, including expansion into new markets.


Organization and implementation of the activity

We organize and manage the sales network (Agents and Importers). We take care of maintaining commercial contacts with customers in the reference markets. And we follow the offers until the conclusion of the sales contracts.



Once an agreement has been reached with the customer, we work with them to finalize the commercial offer and the related sales contract.

Let’s give the floor to Claudio Vignoli

«I want to give you a concrete example to help you understand what and how many advantages you can have by using the CV Group method. If you, an Italian company, decide you want to enter the South American market, you wouldn’t even know where to start, right? Most likely, you would start doing research on the web (unorganized and not always easy), you would start participating in Fairs by spending a lot of money.  read more

With CV Group you can have all this at a low cost and in advantageous conditions

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