Technical consultancy for olive oil and nut producers

Choosing the most appropriate machinery, equipment, technology, and sizing the olive oil mill or the shell nut processing plant is a job that requires careful planning and elaborate research and selections.

With the help of our technical advice, we will maximize your profit and contain it by guiding you in choosing the most suitable machinery and equipment with the most appropriate technology for the type of business you intend to start, improve, or implement. Sizing the production plant to suit your needs is a job that requires careful planning and elaborate research and selections.

Failing to choose the right machinery and equipment and incorrectly assessing the extent of your economic investment are mistakes that can seriously compromise your business project’s success. CV Group technical advice aims to avoid mistakes that could prove fatal.


CV Group: a team of experts at your side

Vision and more than twenty-five years of experience allow us to be at your side as technical consultants in all of the operational phases: from consultancy for the design of the mill and production plants to the choice of the best technologies, up to the production of the oil itself, to the treatment of the by-products of olive processing and shell fruit.

The CV Group Method

What can CV Group do for your business?

We are able to offer you all-around know-how. We know each step of the production process “by heart”. We are familiar with each equipment and machinery brand’s strengths and weaknesses and have been collaborating with leading manufacturers of machinery, equipment, and components for the olive oil and shell fruit industry for years. In addition to the products’ quality, we also know their prices, strengths, and weaknesses. As a result, we know the best conditions they can offer you, making us valuable allies during economic negotiations.

Our method embraces 6 fundamental pillars:


Strategic definition of the production plant

First of all, our technical consultancy aims to define the sizing of the production plant together: oil mill or plant for processing shell fruit? Based on this first fundamental decision, we guide you through the next steps.


Choice of technology

We are able to support you throughout the process of researching and selecting the most suitable technology and machinery for your company to produce olive oil and/or shell fruit.


Pre-Sale Assistance

We assist you in the pre-selection of suppliers.



Once we have reached an agreement together. we work with you to finalize the commercial offer and the related sales contract.


The best conditions on the market

We not only take care of the technology and equipment purchase negotiations, but we have the commercial strength to guarantee you the best market prices and conditions.


Post-Sale Assistance

We continue to follow you on your journey, even after the business has begun operating, with a complete after-sales service. Our team of technicians and consultants will always be by your side: from the delivery of materials to assembly, from the start-up of machinery, equipment, and instrumentation to training.

Let’s give the floor to Claudio Vignoli

«After almost 25 years of training and specific experience as a specialist in the olive oil industry, I can affirm that I know all the stages of the production process: from the olive harvest to the bottling of the olive oil, including the olive processing and quality control of olives and oil. Having worked for many years as the export manager for one of the world’s leading producers of olive oil mills has helped me learn about the strengths and weaknesses of every single brand of oil machinery and read more

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