The Team

To increase turnover and consolidate your commercial presence abroad, you need specific human resources and substantial investments.

Looking for new clients (and knowing how to keep them) is a long and complicated job that requires a great deal of energy, time, resources, and economic investments. You can avoid this tiring research process by relying on CV Group, which provides you with a customer portfolio that has already been started and consolidated throughout almost 25 years of activity. This approach allows you to optimize your company resources, minimize investments, and save on personnel management costs and expenses for the internationalization process.

In addition, you can count on a qualified and diversified team: multilingual staff to manage every aspect of the commercial activity and sellers used to working in international markets, who have already gained experience in the specific industry.

Claudio – CEO

Francesca – CFO

Hélène – Commerciale

Stefania – Commerciale

Diego – Digital Designer