CV Group consultancy services are designed for olive oil producers and companies that produce machinery and equipment for the olive oil and shell fruit industry who aim to expand their business, identify the most effective marketing strategies, renew their brand, and expand their sales network.

Claudio Vignoli’s know-how and his over twenty-five year experience gained in this field gave life to Claudio Vignoli Group (CV Group) in 2007. He has built a team of multidisciplinary and multilingual professionals who constantly travel to international markets in which the Group operates to manage commercial negotiations and personally look after customers.

We oversee technical consultancy and the turnkey design of complete plants for the production of olive oil and shell fruit, as well as commercial consultancy, marketing, branding, distribution strategies, and market penetration. Furthermore, CV Group has created a European Business Consortium, in which well-known companies in the industry converge, that oversees their process of internationalization.

Do you want to sell your machinery?

Commercial consultancy for companies producing machinery and equipment for the olive oil and shell fruit industry


CV Group is the most effective and most advantageous solution from an economic point of view, especially for companies that aim to expand their sales abroad. CV Group operates as an international sales department for all the companies in its “circuit”, allowing each of them to halve costs and optimize time.
Basically, CV Group gets you to international customers FIRST and at significantly lower COSTS than those you would have had to pay by operating alone, with your own export office and your own staff.


Do you want to sell your oil?

Commercial consultancy for olive oil and shell fruit producers


Our strategic commercial consultancy is designed for olive oil and shell fruit producers who would like to expand their range of action abroad but do not know how to do it, either for lack of experience or because they have not had the opportunity to acquire consolidated contacts in international markets, which are challenging to join and stay put in. We guarantee you targeted and customized commercial advice at every step of the start-up and growth of your entrepreneurial activity. Furthermore, we help you create an effective and captivating brand and guide you in its subsequent positioning in international markets.


Do you need to buy or renew your equipment inventory?

Technical advice for olive oil and shell fruit producers

We engage with producers and entrepreneurs who want specialized technical advice to set up or implement a turnkey project for the production of olive oil and shell fruit. It is important to correctly size your production plant: making a mistake in the “sizing” or purchasing the wrong equipment can be fatal for businesses. We help you find the right size for your plant, choose the most appropriate machinery, and evaluate and select the technologies most in line with your production needs and financial resources.