Pits Separator PH-40

General description 

The pits separator is designed to obtain the pit fragments contained within the pomace after the horizontal centrifugation in the decanter. Olive pit fragments are very appreciated as combustible material from which heat can be recovered to produce electrical energy.  Nowadays this solid by-product from olive oil extraction is becoming more and more profitable. Thanks to the   pits separator, we can now bring profit from what it had been rejected as waste material until recently.
The pits separators are mounted on a frame made of carbon steel and equipped with vibration dampers, while the rest of the parts are completely made of stainless steel. It is made up of a detachable sieve, a rotor set on roller bearings and reversible adjustable stainless steel blades. The engine is equipped with a flexible coupling straight to the machine. Continuous pomace feeding is achieved thanks to a screw auger.


Brand: Talleres Espi Serrano

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Model PH-20
Performance/ Power 3.000 kg/h

20 cv/15kw

Model PH-40
Performance/ Power 8.000 kg/h

40 cv/30kw

Model PH-75
Performance/ Power 15.000 kg/h

75 cv/55kw

Model PH-100
Performance/ Power 20.000 kg/h

100 cv/75kw

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