Pruning Picker-Up Shredder Comby

General description

The Pruning Picker up-Shredder Comby permits to triturate and to gather the pruning residues until a diameter of 90 mm, once crumble the pruning residues are deposit in a wide capacity container, which through the pantograph rising takes the material cut up until a height of 2,60 m to download it in an easy and fast way. The use of this machine is important for these reasons: – to have always the ground free from pruning remaining, limiting dangerous contaminations, moulds and illnesses provoked to the pruning if it stays in the ground; – once recovered the pruning residues, they can be eliminated in suitable centrals that are able to get back from them biomasses, from which bio-energy also named renewable energy springs out. The bio-energy places particular attention to the impact that it has on the environment: it is also classified like Alternative energy and it can be employed to produce electric energy and heat. We can’t undervalue that the crumble pruning can be also used like compost to improve the ground fertility. There are  three Comby’s Models: – Comby TR 140 – Comby  TR 160 – Comby TR 200

Brand: Facma

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