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EVO oil: the value of international competitions

By 6 July 2021November 11th, 2021No Comments

EVO oil: the value of international competitions

Claudio Vignoli has been interviewed by Gazzetta del Gusto to talk about international awards and the attendance to competition designated to olive oil producers.

Are you curious about ways to promote your extra virgin olive oil ? And especially about how to place it on foreign markets, facing a very strong competition?

Investing in marketing in the traditional channels is surely useful, but at the same time, specific contests (national or international) are an important tool for italian olive oil producers. The awards that one can achieve are often a great chance to gain visibility for those who wants to expand their business to foreign markets.

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<< Prizes such as those released by CIOOC are an excellent and  ulterior chance, for those italian brands who aim to enter into new markets, because they can be a strenghtening factor for their positioning. – explains Claudio Vignoli – Being able to state that your own olive oil won prizes in contests more or less popular helps, in certain markets, to obtain a perception of higher quality of the product.  Therefore, they allow to sell products for a higher price. This is true especially for the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, Japan and in some countries in South-East Asia. Here consumers give a lot of credit to these awards and are willing to pay a higher price>>. 

What can one gain from attending such contests? Free promotion and brand awareness.

Read the full interview on La Gazzetta del Gusto if you are interested in discovering more abot the world of internationbal contests in the olive oil sector:


Olio evo: quanto contano i premi internazionali

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