Weighing and Filling Machine

General description

A semiautomatic, weighing and bottling machine with innovative characteristics that make it suitable for filling bottles and cans from 10ml to 10ltr.

The changeover from one size to another is simply done with an “increase/decrease” selector, which sets the size of the container to be filled in liters. The electronics on the machine calculate the weight based on the specific weight that has been set up. The filling is then controlled with approved scales that are certified for public sale. It comes preprogrammed with the most commonly used sizes.

The machine automatically recalculates all the parameters for each filling, including when the product is in mid-air, in order to guarantee an accuracy of very few grams.

You do not need to recheck a sample of the bottles or cans because every single filling is monitored by the machine and is displayed for the operator.

The machine incorporates a Liverani volumetric pump with a nitrile rotor. The rotations are calibrated by an inverter in order to avoid emulsifying the oil.

There are two different speeds depending on the size chosen, plus a third speed for finishing the final phase of the filling.

Included with the machine are two nozzles with different diameters for cans and bottles.

Brand: Trasfluid

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